Monday, June 15, 2009

daily dose of lighthearted cynicism

Oh goodness, so I guess I shall return from my 7.5 month hiatus from the blogosphere and update the interweb and my future self as a nutty cat lady who will read this in 20 years!

I was recently on The Sartorialist , where I so pleasantly look as if I am going to vomit/shoot lazers out of my eyes. If anyone is unaware of what that website is, it is a well-known style photography blog. I happened to be shot on a day where I left the apartment last minute in my "lounge around the house" dress. I also think I had just woken up from a nap. Anywho, apparently that's the look he was having a hankering for at the time. Right before I left my apartment I decided I should maybe throw a slip on, so poor unexpecting souls didn't catch a glimpse of my nether regions. Little did I know, my vintage neglige would be judged by the digital world. Ah well, to each her own I guess, eh? :)

Me in 20 years...
+more cats/wrinkles
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