Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cat Shoe Fever

And oh, I've got it bad!
No, I'm not talking about shoes for cats.
(For now, anyway.)

I'm talking about this kind of cat shoe.
A shoe for you, that looks like a cat!
I may be a fan of the whole multiple feline pattern Miu Miu has made so popular these days, but give me a break already. I want one big, giant cat. Or okay, two big giant cats. On my feet. Pronto!

These babies below are what triggered my cat shoe fever. I found them while browsing the Topshop website, and for once it wasn't the price that was their downfall, it was the fact that they were SOLD OUT.

So I continued my hunt till I found these at Heel & Sole Shoes, which upon showing to my friends, was greeted with words such as "goth", "middle school", and "Hot Topic". Haha, yeah, yeah, I know they are a little "8th grade goth"-esque, but I am still pretty into it. I mean, those kids might have had some good ideas, you know? Plus, I was wearing pleather skirts with rhinestone belts and matching way too much in 8th grade, so I need to let my inner goth out. At least below the ankles anyway. I like these because they resemble the grungey Dr. Martens of the '90s, but still have that sweet Mary Jane style. And duh, there are cat heads (and tails!) involved. There are also other colors, if you'd prefer pink or cheetah print cats, but the classic black and white is my favorite.

See, they don't have to be so "angsty"! 
These little kitties can be worn with anything from fishnets to pastels.

Or you can find them way cheaper on Amazon! Not as much of a selection, but I like these simpler versions better anyway, considering you already have cats for feet and all.

 Or I could always learn how to draw and DIY my own!

And then there are these. Yowza!

Although now that I think about it,
I might like these kind of cat shoes better.
Either way! :)

Other than that, it's hot as hell outside, 
and my boobs are melting.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

wheels a fortune

Is it bad that I really want this bicycle I just designed with the Urban Outfitters "Build A Bike" website? I admittedly know nothing about bikes, but I do know that I love my color choice, that retro looking frame, and oh my goodness, would you look at that two-tone seat! Gah. I also know that $399 is so far out of my price range, it'd take me at least ten years on this bicycle to get there.

Urban also sells baskets
which I would fill up with all sort of useful things like 
flowers, sandwiches, a boombox, and kittens.

Or of course I could always DIY this thang. I'm sure I have some antlers and a few cans of gold spray paint hangin' around somewhere. Although, I imagine a ride on this could get pretty painful, not only for my phalanges, but also for the rest of the world, considering how many pedestrians I am bound to run into.

So for now I suppose I will just stick to watching cutesy homemade vintage music videos of songs about bicycles and roller skates. Ah, roller skates! A cheaper, easier way to plant my face into the pavement. If only I had more balance, athletic abilities, and/or muscle mass. I could have been so cute this summer.

Ah well, all is not lost! I can still invest in these adorable little vintage bicycle inspired trinkets. And dreams! I still have my dreams! Eh? Eh? Eh.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kicks Out of This World

Oh, oh, it's magic!
Could these get any better? Fashion blogger Tuuli created these little gems for Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary a while back. Now what does it take to get these babies into production?? I'll be doing my part by wishing on a few billion stars and praying to the milky way.

Speaking of roaming the galaxy!
Try these Black Milk leggings on for size.
And you can, since they actually do exist.
Sometimes dreams really do come true. :)
Now all I need is some divine intervention to sprinkle stardust on my toesies!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Curiosity, Cats, Clothes, & Crafts. (And apparently some alliteration.)

I smell some DIY projects in the near future!
Curiosity killed the cat (and put his head on a hanger).
By the time I'm done decorating my new apartment, there will be so many cat heads and other kitten paraphernalia around my room, my boyfriend will start sneezing just at the mere sight of it.

1) Kitty Head Hangers: that make it look like there are felines sporting babydoll dresses and vintage sweaters hangin' out around my room. Check!
2) Now the only question is, how many extra dressers can I fit in my apartment thats sole purpose is to hold pussy-cats?

Stay tuned for the results! :)

Photo via one of my new favorite Lookbookers & Tumblr blogs via The Selby.

Another new brilliant DIY concept?
Another future brilliant go-to outfit?
For my new future lifetime goal of cat walker extraordinaire?
I think, yes!
(If you squint, it pretty much already looks like me. Hell yeah, half way there suckas! Now all I need to do is round me up a couple a cats!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rockin' out in your shower never looked so good!

SoapRocks by T.S. Pink
Now my bathroom can look like it did when I was growing up, with my dad's rock collection in every corner. Except now it just makes a little more sense.

"SoapRocks are very mild and extra long lasting. As they gently cleanse, each SoapRock will slowly weather away like a stream stone in geologic time, exposing the beauty locked within."
Yes, please!

More on the website!

And to make up for lost time...

What's up with that dude with
the tiny leather shorts on his head?
I see him around all the time in my neighborhood. I just assumed he had found or made this ridiculous looking headpiece for his 'fro to stick out of. But no, they are actually child size pleather shorts he is parading around in public with, and somebody has already written an article about it, entitled "Worst Hair in Williamsburg".

And then there's this: The Boyfriend Pillow.
Too bad this doesn't come with a penis.

And as of December of last year, there is now the new "Girlfriend Pillow", which literally consists of a plush female lap. You are welcome in advance for the great gift ideas.

Oh, and can someone also please tell me what's up with Opening Ceremony's online store using cats as models? I mean I'm totally into it, I just wanted to know who's hand/paw I needed to shake!

Uni-corn Holders
I mean, the product name says it all. Corn on the cobb? Colorful decapitated unicorn heads? One big beautiful pun? Could there be anything better? YUM!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Bum(mer)

Summer = overalls & no shirts
You can find me barefoot and shirtless,
with a nice cold pitcher of lemonade.
Now all I need is a front porch. I miss the South.

So, what have I been up to during my one month hiatus from the blogosphere? Oh, you know, the usual...Working, eating, sleeping, having my roommates want to move and not take me with them, having my boyfriend on tour and everywhere but here for the past six weeks, apartment hunting, being poor as dirt, watching way too much Seinfeld and Law & Order: CI...yeah you know, the usual.

Anywho, I finally found an apartment! Very generous loved ones and 3 grand+ of fees later, and I am now the proud renter of a two bedroom, large kitchen, and the smallest bathroom you've ever seen apartment. Oh, and did I mention that all this space will be mine, since I will now be living alone? So although me moving came about from some unfortunate circumstances, I am trying to look on the bright side and using this shit storm as the wind in my sails to steer me in the right direction. Or something like that. Basically what that means is I am going to use the extra room and privacy to do projects that I have had on my mind forever. One being selling those 12 boxes of vintage clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry, etc. I had shipped up from storage in Florida. Two being designing and sewing again, since that's what I actually went to school for and all. Three being cooking more often and more complicated dishes. Four being updating this lil' blog with all of the above! So expect more outfit posts, sales, designs, and treats along with all of the weird shit I usually have diarrhea of the mouth about in the near future.

Also, I'm thinking the theme of my new apartment should be "Gothic Tea Party". You know, lots of floral, skulls, pastels, black lace, white lace, candles, kittens, cobwebs, mounted butterflies, dead things in bottles, delicate china, ornate frames, dusty bookshelves, blood, guts, cupcakes, etc...

Oh, and in other good news! The boy is finally back in T-minus 11 hours! Deer Tick show with long lost friends tomorrow night! And Sunday I'm not getting out of bed for anything unless it starts with B and ends in BQ! :)

And in the name of summer,
here are a couple of polaroids from our
mini trip to Coney Island the other day.

I'm wearing a vintage floral romper with some old thrifted teal lace-ups.
Rachel is wearing a thrifted dress she altered herself.

Not pictured: my non-matching bikini top & bottom because my ass is too big for the floral bottom and apparently now my boobs are too big for my sailboat top. Whatever, real women have curves, and who says boats don't go with blossoms? Both go well with warmer weather, right? Eh? Eh? :)

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