Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kicks Out of This World

Oh, oh, it's magic!
Could these get any better? Fashion blogger Tuuli created these little gems for Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary a while back. Now what does it take to get these babies into production?? I'll be doing my part by wishing on a few billion stars and praying to the milky way.

Speaking of roaming the galaxy!
Try these Black Milk leggings on for size.
And you can, since they actually do exist.
Sometimes dreams really do come true. :)
Now all I need is some divine intervention to sprinkle stardust on my toesies!


ninici said...

i love your writing style, it's funny and interesting. :D
and omg, these leggings are hot. :O

Anonymous said...

OH WOW. Loving your blog! However those leggings are amazing, where are they from!?
Lauren x

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