Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Bum(mer)

Summer = overalls & no shirts
You can find me barefoot and shirtless,
with a nice cold pitcher of lemonade.
Now all I need is a front porch. I miss the South.

So, what have I been up to during my one month hiatus from the blogosphere? Oh, you know, the usual...Working, eating, sleeping, having my roommates want to move and not take me with them, having my boyfriend on tour and everywhere but here for the past six weeks, apartment hunting, being poor as dirt, watching way too much Seinfeld and Law & Order: CI...yeah you know, the usual.

Anywho, I finally found an apartment! Very generous loved ones and 3 grand+ of fees later, and I am now the proud renter of a two bedroom, large kitchen, and the smallest bathroom you've ever seen apartment. Oh, and did I mention that all this space will be mine, since I will now be living alone? So although me moving came about from some unfortunate circumstances, I am trying to look on the bright side and using this shit storm as the wind in my sails to steer me in the right direction. Or something like that. Basically what that means is I am going to use the extra room and privacy to do projects that I have had on my mind forever. One being selling those 12 boxes of vintage clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry, etc. I had shipped up from storage in Florida. Two being designing and sewing again, since that's what I actually went to school for and all. Three being cooking more often and more complicated dishes. Four being updating this lil' blog with all of the above! So expect more outfit posts, sales, designs, and treats along with all of the weird shit I usually have diarrhea of the mouth about in the near future.

Also, I'm thinking the theme of my new apartment should be "Gothic Tea Party". You know, lots of floral, skulls, pastels, black lace, white lace, candles, kittens, cobwebs, mounted butterflies, dead things in bottles, delicate china, ornate frames, dusty bookshelves, blood, guts, cupcakes, etc...

Oh, and in other good news! The boy is finally back in T-minus 11 hours! Deer Tick show with long lost friends tomorrow night! And Sunday I'm not getting out of bed for anything unless it starts with B and ends in BQ! :)

And in the name of summer,
here are a couple of polaroids from our
mini trip to Coney Island the other day.

I'm wearing a vintage floral romper with some old thrifted teal lace-ups.
Rachel is wearing a thrifted dress she altered herself.

Not pictured: my non-matching bikini top & bottom because my ass is too big for the floral bottom and apparently now my boobs are too big for my sailboat top. Whatever, real women have curves, and who says boats don't go with blossoms? Both go well with warmer weather, right? Eh? Eh? :)

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Nude&Nerd said...

sooo cute, love your haircut!

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