Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cat Shoe Fever

And oh, I've got it bad!
No, I'm not talking about shoes for cats.
(For now, anyway.)

I'm talking about this kind of cat shoe.
A shoe for you, that looks like a cat!
I may be a fan of the whole multiple feline pattern Miu Miu has made so popular these days, but give me a break already. I want one big, giant cat. Or okay, two big giant cats. On my feet. Pronto!

These babies below are what triggered my cat shoe fever. I found them while browsing the Topshop website, and for once it wasn't the price that was their downfall, it was the fact that they were SOLD OUT.

So I continued my hunt till I found these at Heel & Sole Shoes, which upon showing to my friends, was greeted with words such as "goth", "middle school", and "Hot Topic". Haha, yeah, yeah, I know they are a little "8th grade goth"-esque, but I am still pretty into it. I mean, those kids might have had some good ideas, you know? Plus, I was wearing pleather skirts with rhinestone belts and matching way too much in 8th grade, so I need to let my inner goth out. At least below the ankles anyway. I like these because they resemble the grungey Dr. Martens of the '90s, but still have that sweet Mary Jane style. And duh, there are cat heads (and tails!) involved. There are also other colors, if you'd prefer pink or cheetah print cats, but the classic black and white is my favorite.

See, they don't have to be so "angsty"! 
These little kitties can be worn with anything from fishnets to pastels.

Or you can find them way cheaper on Amazon! Not as much of a selection, but I like these simpler versions better anyway, considering you already have cats for feet and all.

 Or I could always learn how to draw and DIY my own!

And then there are these. Yowza!

Although now that I think about it,
I might like these kind of cat shoes better.
Either way! :)

Other than that, it's hot as hell outside, 
and my boobs are melting.

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Anonymous said...

french girls <3<3<3



vv said...

love your blog
great post!



LaurenSchoon said...

Wow, those Topshop shoes are adorable! Too bad they sold out..

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