Saturday, March 19, 2011


My grandmother gave me this shirt when I was 14.

Also, here are some things that have been on my mind the past month...

"I wonder how many starving children we could have saved instead of having the Super Bowl and that insanely gratuitous half time show. I bet we could have cured cancer and invented teleportation and resurrected unicorns by now if it weren't for this crap. Just sayin'."

"Valentine's Day is only fun when you're a single cynic or dating a romantic. Otherwise it's just unnecessarily disappointing and way too pink."

"You know you've reached another level in your relationship when you can floss the broccoli out of your teeth with your boyfriend's freshly plucked facial hair."

"I just applied for a job in Social Work: What working in the fashion industry + watching too much Law & Order: SVU will do to you."

"Every day is gone so quickly. And each one equally as empty. When all else fails, at least I have a cat to spoon."

"I just had to give the ladies in abercrombie a simple math tutorial when returning something for work. Three of them couldn't figure out something that I realized just from overhearing their conversation. I think the intense cologne fumes in there are starting to eat away at their pretty little brains."

"One day children will no longer exist. We will be birthing tiny, robotic adults, painted in makeup and hair dye and eating disorders, their innocence raped by how the internet and pop culture and technology fuels the overzealous need to be noticed and fit in at the same time. Parents that take an interest and communicate with their children, I thank you. I want to see kids laughing in trees fifty years from now. I want the imagination to be more than just a figment."

and finally...

"Spring has unearthed all sorts of confusing combos. One being Birkenstock thong sandals & fishnet stockings. It also never fails to resurrect the belly shirt. Mothers of small children not excluded."


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