Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Perfect Scarf

My dear, and talented friend Rachel Bennett knits these lovely, comfy tube/circle scarves. She makes them in just about every color, and a variety of sizes. She's even started knitting cute headbands in any width your little heart desires. The scarves are essential pieces to your fall and winter wardrobe. They not only keep you super warm through those windy days and chilly nights, but they are also a quick fix to spice up any outfit. You will love it so much, I dare you to be satisfied with just one! Plus, they make great gifts for this upcoming holiday season. :)

Regular Burnt Orange

XL Cocoa Brown

Regular Grass Green

Baby/Kitty Strawberry

Medium Headband Citron Yellow

Here's how I wore mine...
XL Charcoal
Regular Hunter Green

For more colors and to get one of your own, go to:

The Shoe Fits!

Makes the most delightful shoes.
Beautiful, unique, AND comfortable.

Except all the stores that carry them are based in London.
Womp, womp.

Happy Belated Halloween!

This was my Halloween ensemble. I'm from a large college-town, so Halloween primarily consists of girls running around in undergarments disguised as costumes. I walked into a drugstore, and there was a cop wearing navy blue colored bra, underwear, and a badge. She was clearly dressed as a stripper, right? Anyway, since I didn't have time to come up with anything very original, I had to make sure my costume was as unslutty as possible, so I wore pants, covered my midriff, actually dressed for cold weather, and put on some unflattering glasses. People still asked if I was a "sexy nurse." Goddamnit. 

And really, it's nothing against strippers, or wh
ores, or what have you. If you want to dress as a hula girl or Madonna that's fine. But what really irks me is when girls dress up as things that are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SEXY BY ANY MEANS. For example, a Sexy Bumblebee, a Sexy Mad Hatter, a Sexy Pirate, a Sexy Referee. I've even seen at least three Sexy RAGGEDY ANNES this year. WTF.

The boy was a beast this year. He made the costume himself, as well as my apartmen
t a fur-covered hell-hole. He also enjoyed dancing way more while he was dressed up, which was incredibly amusing. If you've never seen a dancing beast, I recommend you try and find one!

Bathing Beauties

They are from Mack Sennett's silent comedies from around 1915-1920s. I just want to wear one every day of my life. Each one is so unique and detailed, and I love how they are paired with knee-high boots or stockings, and fun hats or scarves. So cute!

And here are some other ancient photographs of women in their sweet swim attire!

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