Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Perfect Scarf

My dear, and talented friend Rachel Bennett knits these lovely, comfy tube/circle scarves. She makes them in just about every color, and a variety of sizes. She's even started knitting cute headbands in any width your little heart desires. The scarves are essential pieces to your fall and winter wardrobe. They not only keep you super warm through those windy days and chilly nights, but they are also a quick fix to spice up any outfit. You will love it so much, I dare you to be satisfied with just one! Plus, they make great gifts for this upcoming holiday season. :)

Regular Burnt Orange

XL Cocoa Brown

Regular Grass Green

Baby/Kitty Strawberry

Medium Headband Citron Yellow

Here's how I wore mine...
XL Charcoal
Regular Hunter Green

For more colors and to get one of your own, go to:


Laura said...

ohh wow! Sorry to compulsively comment on your blog, but I love these scarves! I might obtain one for myself.

AleX said...

hey, could you please do me a favour? I sawe your profile on and i wanted to became a fan but i can't....i need an invitation code...could you invite me senùding a mail at pleaseeeee, kiss

Zanita said...

oh excellent i need one of these for my trip to london!
blogrolling you.

brooke said...

so ive seen your posts on and i'm lovin your style, your spring line, your hair, all of it!

i am writing an article for about refreshing your wardrobe for the new year and i would love to have your input! I couldnt find your email on here, but you can comment on my blog or email me at if you would be willing to comment

sara said...

where/how did you come across that ribcage shirt! it's awesome! i love your style, it's so fun and upbeat.

aya said...

I love your blog. Have you heard about this band 'Le Corps Mince de Françoise' you remind me of Emma the singer and this is everything but an insult :) xx

Anonymous said...

yeah i want one. ha :D your blog is rad. visit my blog and tell me what you think. :)

Goldie Locks said...

The scarves are great! Im gonna have to get my grandma to make me one...

sharon said...

these scarves are amazing!
i just fell in love with them Ö

your outfits are just in one word; BEAUTIFUL!
really adore your style

sasha said...

knit is yummy, especially when its wrapped tightly around your neck!

P.s. I'm sooo happy that I'm officially acquainted with your blog!

Morena Doll said...

I found your blog off of LookBook and I'm you "fan." :)

Here's my blog.

Shall we trade links?

kristina michelle said...

freakin cute as helllll

how much do they run for?

i will most def like one when summer is over. hah

xo, km

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