Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lace & Space

My lovely and talented friend Sarah Culbreth has done it again!
Created something so beautiful and mesmerizing,
you just want to stop what you're doing and dream about it.

She took two of my favorite things, lace and space, 
and injected them into this breathtaking feature for the ASVOFF contest.
All the stunning clothes were designed and sewn by Sarah herself.
She also helped direct the video with friend Chris Cameron who filmed and edited.
Music by Ian Power.

If you enjoyed it as much as I did, please please go vote for it HERE, so Sarah can have a chance to show her beautiful film and ideas with the rest of the world during this prestigious fashion film festival in Paris.
And don't procrastinate like I'm usually doing! The voting only lasts for a couple more days!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can I be serious for a second?

In response to this horrifically mind-numbing, dehumanizing, & vomit inducing article apparently written and published by former homemade lobotomy patients that like to clump human beings into single acronyms...

My response that I submitted to Teen Vogue:

"Maybe instead of telling impressionable young girls that it's normal to be in competition with other women, you should try giving them advice on how to be confident and secure with themselves, so they don't feel the need to compare themselves to anyone else. That way you wouldn't have to write such vapid articles that throw around superficial brand names and media stereotypes that apparently all teenagers should be aware of. That way you wouldn't have to compare human beings with all that aforementioned superficial crap. 

This article honestly made me sick to my stomach. I am so embarrassed this was conceived, let alone published, by women who supposedly have friends who happen to be gay, and more importantly, that you would subject this vapid filth to impressionable young minds. I am still waiting for the day when there is a mainstream magazine that publishes healthy, helpful, humorous articles for young women. Instead of crap about "Mulberry bags" and "Eric van der Woodsen", when most girls these articles are intended for cannot even afford such designer paraphernalia, nor should they be watching unhealthy shows like "Gossip Girl" which promote deteriorating stereotypes and, hello, GOSSIP. 

Use your power to help young girls feel secure, confident, and happy; not that they should have an overpriced handbag on one arm and some homosexual puppet on the other. You are teaching these children that all gay men are the same shiny new toy that all come in the same trendy packaging and when you pull their strings they all say the same sassy things. "It doesn't matter which one you pick, as long as he's gay he can be your new, trendy 'GBF'! Snag 'em up, while they last!" 

A person shouldn't be friends with someone because s/he thinks there will be less competition. That is not a healthy outlook on life, and you shouldn't be promoting that to children. You should be teaching them to love and focus on themselves, so they don't feel the need to compare to anyone, and if they happen to find a friend who happens to be gay in the process, WHO CARES? A friend is a friend. A person is a person. This is just pathetic and disgusting, and you owe the human race an apology. Such a shame."


Denim Blues

As much as I enjoy the aesthetics of this photograph, I feel as if the burgeoning trend of shorter and shorter cut-offs lately has finally come to a head.


I mean, really? Yeah, that commercial is pretty damn cute once you get past the whole "sexualizing a baby" mumbo-jumbo, but what could possibly be next? Denim thongs for fetuses? I want to see someone really be rebellious and start sporting jean burqas. Until then, I am going to continue cutting my pants horizontally, instead of the shape of my vagina.
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