Friday, June 11, 2010

Pretty Little Things

My last post on frothy concoctions reminded me how much I wanted to feature this lady and her beautiful creations. Not only is she my good friend, cute as a button, and holding the same affections for cats, vintage, and having a big booty as myself, but she also happens to be an insanely talented designer and seamstress. I had always admired her own personal style, ever since I first saw her around at shows at our college's venue. But then I got a look at her talent! How she collected it all in 21 short years is beyond me, but thank goodness she did, for now I have all this eye candy and future wardrobe options at my disposal. Here is her junior year collection. I love how she styled everything with the braids and boots. The fabrics, silhouettes, details, and color palette are an absolutely perfect mix between feminine and edgy with vintage ideals. Needless to say, I am in love, and would wear every single one of them in a crocheted doily heart beat. <3

She also styled and photographed this beautiful little series of her collection...

Check out her adorable online vintage store Charming Kite, where she's practically giving away pieces of her amazing wardrobe! I have my eyes on these little numbers, but you should probably snatch them up first before I can add to my already debilitating hoarders disease. :)


natasha said...

i love this girl so much, i adore everything she puts together!

DREAMY said...

oh good lord i adore those frothy photos!

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