Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let it Breathe

This is what I wore yesterday when attending a free outdoor concert on Governor's Island. It was reaching 90 degrees, so I opted for a more breathable fabric, although I had to confirm with the boy that I did not, in fact, look like a hooker before leaving the house. My friend and I went to the show for a chance to venture outside of our Brooklyn neighborhoods, since we do live in NYC and all. A fact I constantly keep forgetting since I spend most of my time working myself to death just to sustain my food filled lifestyle, while the other time is spent being slightly antisocial and suspicious. The free concert, turns out, was a mix of stoners and prepsters, which coincidentally, usually make up one person. Anywho, the music wasn't really my cup of tea, which was made blatantly obvious from the number of swayers/arm wavers in the audience. You know the type. They look like they are trying to put a spell on you or something. Yeah, well that's about the only way one could really dance to this music, and after some girl asked us for some "herb" I knew I was probably in the wrong place. Although, it was pretty fun pretending I thought she intended to whip up a quick soufflĂ© for an after sway snack. Anywho, after we had our fill of hippies in polo shirts, we headed back to the bigger island on the the ferry. Oh yes, the ferry! That was the second reason we went to this overcrowded second hand high fest. For the chance to be on a BOAT! I'm from Florida, so I miss the shit out of bodies of water and floating. It was all of five minutes long, but boy was it worth it the wind through your hair. So yeah, from the ferry we headed back to Brooklyn for some guaco tacos, cookies, and then I took pictures of myself (in my NEW KITCHEN!) and posted them on the internet.

These shoes look and feel like soft suede or something, but they are actually completely waterproof flocked plastic! I wore them because it was supposed to thunderstorm all day, but of course since I was prepared it didn't.

Lace dress, thrifted; Lace bra, Urban Outfitters; Bicycle shorts, Target; Super soft cardigan, Merona, Target; Beaded belt, Fox & Fawn Vintage; Elephant bag, thrifted; Trouser socks, CVS pharmacy; Oxfords, Alexandre Herchcovitch for Melissa.


Raji said...

Aww what an interesting day
You look absolutely amazing, love the dress

hannah said...

well arent you pretty! that lace dress is a fantastic find :-) and i love your shoes too!!

MMM said...
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