Monday, June 14, 2010

Eye Vomit

It has things like this, and other random eye vomit.
Just a place where I can post photographs of the good, the badass, and the ugly.
Of the vintage, unique, and terribly cliche.
With no real theme or story or thought process whatsoever.
If I like the picture. If it's inspiring, innovative, hilarious, or just damn cute.
If it's an airborne unicorn.

The collar! The belt! The color palette! The haircut!

Now if only I could substitute that cross for a dismembered 
hand or something. Then this picture would be perfect.

My kinda breakfast.

My kinda summer.

I apologize in advance if most of my posts in the beginning aren't sourced.
For the most part at first, I am just going to be taking photo dumps
of the random shit I have already collected on my computer.
Which means I saved them when I was really lazy and
not expecting to share my treasures with the rest of the world.
But I promise I will do better from now on when archiving my little gems.
So for now, just bare with me, and if you recognize something,
please feel free to let me know!

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