Monday, June 21, 2010


"Just got back from a day of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Coney Island Mermaid Parade, a million creative pasty covered nipples, and my first sunburn in years. Time to cover myself in aloe and ice cream and go to bed."

Here I am at the gorgeous BBG...

And then my camera conveniently died.

So I didn't get ANY pictures of Coney. Where apparently you were a mermaid as long as you had on sequins, body paint, and/or were at least half naked. Did I mention I brought my dad to this? Well, we were just going to have a pleasant morning stroll through the beautiful Botanical Gardens, but since Coney Island was a mere twenty stops away, we felt the obligation to visit. And then all hell (along with everyone's tits) broke loose, as we stepped off the train and unknowingly entered the Mermaid Parade. I also ended up eating at a Chinese buffet restaurant where a lady in a motorized bed would ride up right alongside the buffet tables and shovel fried foods into her lap. Not to mention, on our way there my father bought an Egyptian themed paper weight equipped with a pharaoh's head and hieroglyphics, which he insisted on carrying around all day in his cargo shorts and whipping out every two seconds so he could rub it like a magic lamp, mumble some fake "Egyptian" chant and cast spells on the subway trains, traffic, etc. But then he set up my wireless router, so I guess he is allowed the occasional frequent chant. :)

Secondhand crop-top
High-waisted shorts, Fox & Fawn Vintage
Beaded belt, Fox & Fawn Vintage
TOMS shoes


Emily said...

your dad sounds outrageous! you shoulda just brought him out friday night!

ces-fils-qui-nous-remuent said...

oh love love love this look

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