Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flash Fashion

Haha, so these are just a couple of fun "flash" pictures of two very talented and lovely ladies that I admire very much. They are usually creating the beauty, Sarah with her designs and style and Mary with her photography and words. But I like how here they are just being silly and carefree and having fun and living life like it should be lived. Flashing the world and not giving a damn who sees. <3


Danielle said...

Hahah these are really funny!!

DREAMY said...

haha i love the knicker flashing... i'm sure i used to enjoy this activity in my teeny tiny days!

sarah said...

my mom must be so proud of me

Hannah.Maria said...

haha I love these!

btw you're haircut is so cute, I would chop off all my hair right now if it would look right! Have a lovely day

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