Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I don't understand intolerance and discrimination. Not because we may have different beliefs, but because I can't understand how a human can be devoid of empathy. No matter what you are taught, how can you look at someone in pain and not feel for them. If it hurts someone, it's bad. If it doesn't, who gives a shit? Everyone deserves to be happy.

(What happens when I watch too many 
BBC documentaries and Tyra Banks Show episodes
 on Youtube at work.)

American Apparel Lace Bra
Bicycle Shorts from Target
Heart Locket I've had since I was little
(That fucking) JCPenney Comforter 


Emily said...

seeing you in your underthings on here makes me feel better bout doing it myself on flickr.


and a lovely one you have. i love lace bras.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled by your blog &
I absolutely love it!
I takes a lot to publish this kind of images and texts. I love the way you do it, thank you!

take care, from Felicia

micheal said...

Did you happen to be at lovin cup in brooklyn last eve, dig you look!!!

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