Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fawn & Insects

Ok, so I don't usually talk about music. I'd much rather listen to it, or sing to it, or preferably hip hop tap dance to it. The conversation usually involves pretension, and honetly, I just don't give a shit what your high and mightyness thinks, and you should feel the same way about my mighty highness or whatever. But for the sake of offering something possibly new that you could possibly enjoy (rather than throwing about words such as "sellout" or "slut", which so many people like to hear themselves say) I will finally get to my point of this post.

Which is, Deer Tick.

Now I have talked about them before, as they are the band that my boyfriend tour manages and his brother plays guitar in. They are also insanely talented. Which is precisely why they were on David Letterman last night...!!!!

"Just got back from watching Deer Tick perform live on Late Night with David Letterman and eating way too many complimentary cookies and cantaloupes. The guys were amazing, but Letterman might have been wasted and the graphics department totally referred to them as "DEEP TICK" on the screen during opening credits. Hopefully they'll keep the typo tonight, and Deer Tick can look into a porno career."

Alas, they did not keep the typo, but it was still pretty hilarious (and mind boggling) nonetheless. Personally, I thought I was hallucinating. Thankfully, there was a room full of people to confirm I was not. If you did not catch the show, or do not even know what in the hell I'm talking about, and are still trying not to gag from the phrase "Deer Tick", please feel free to watch Exhibit A. I could try and describe their alt. country/folkish/rock and roll/raspy rough raw/but danceable/and sing-a-long-able/sometimes chuck berry-esque/best music ever...but you should probably just watch the video. And then check out the rest of their songs. Or not. But then you should probably find a rainbow to floss your ears with, because that's basically what happens when Deer Tick becomes in audible range.



Anonymous said...

do you like deer tick?

Celeste Devane Cerro said...

Haha, I was pretty sure I made this clear with phrases like, "They are insanely talented." and "best music ever", but for the sake of being precise, I will say the answer is "No." "I love Deer Tick." Better? :)

alice wayne said...

the guitarist blows my mind. he looks like bob dylan, and plays like jerry lee lewis.

amazing song, i'm going to check out more.

thank you.

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