Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Bittar Sweet"

I want it all. 
But especially that jewel encrusted wood and antler necklace
that is so expensive you have to request it
(knowing you are ready to put a second mortgage on your house)
before they will give you a price.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I don't understand intolerance and discrimination. Not because we may have different beliefs, but because I can't understand how a human can be devoid of empathy. No matter what you are taught, how can you look at someone in pain and not feel for them. If it hurts someone, it's bad. If it doesn't, who gives a shit? Everyone deserves to be happy.

(What happens when I watch too many 
BBC documentaries and Tyra Banks Show episodes
 on Youtube at work.)

American Apparel Lace Bra
Bicycle Shorts from Target
Heart Locket I've had since I was little
(That fucking) JCPenney Comforter 

Monday, June 21, 2010


"Just got back from a day of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Coney Island Mermaid Parade, a million creative pasty covered nipples, and my first sunburn in years. Time to cover myself in aloe and ice cream and go to bed."

Here I am at the gorgeous BBG...

And then my camera conveniently died.

So I didn't get ANY pictures of Coney. Where apparently you were a mermaid as long as you had on sequins, body paint, and/or were at least half naked. Did I mention I brought my dad to this? Well, we were just going to have a pleasant morning stroll through the beautiful Botanical Gardens, but since Coney Island was a mere twenty stops away, we felt the obligation to visit. And then all hell (along with everyone's tits) broke loose, as we stepped off the train and unknowingly entered the Mermaid Parade. I also ended up eating at a Chinese buffet restaurant where a lady in a motorized bed would ride up right alongside the buffet tables and shovel fried foods into her lap. Not to mention, on our way there my father bought an Egyptian themed paper weight equipped with a pharaoh's head and hieroglyphics, which he insisted on carrying around all day in his cargo shorts and whipping out every two seconds so he could rub it like a magic lamp, mumble some fake "Egyptian" chant and cast spells on the subway trains, traffic, etc. But then he set up my wireless router, so I guess he is allowed the occasional frequent chant. :)

Secondhand crop-top
High-waisted shorts, Fox & Fawn Vintage
Beaded belt, Fox & Fawn Vintage
TOMS shoes

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Early Father's Day

 I could tell so many stories about this man,
but what it all comes down to is he makes me very happy. 
I mean, obviously.

Day 2: My dad is in town for an unofficial college reunion. Unofficial, as in only the "freaks" were invited. His words, not mine. And he just bought a Brooks Brothers tailcoat from the Salvation Army for $15 to wear with a tie-dye T-shirt and jeans to the "Freak Formal". If it tells you anything, he used to have a braid down to his ass, and after cutting it off 30 years ago, put it on his bedroom mirror where it still hangs to this day.

Day 1: My dad is in town and making a bed (complete with bedside table) out of my unpacked boxes. He also suggested we put googly eye stickers on every sphere shaped inanimate object around town during our walk home.

Note to my boyfriend who is conveniently currently out of town:

My dad has been in town five hours, and has already built a bed out of boxes, fixed that damn lamp, figured out what was wrong with my speakers, and brought up the word "testicles" into dinner conversation. He is now attempting to repair the pilot tube for that shoddy right burner on the stove. If we don't die in our sleep from gas poisoning, I hope you have prepared yourself for what is my father.

PS: He is also wearing a bathing suit to bed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flash Fashion

Haha, so these are just a couple of fun "flash" pictures of two very talented and lovely ladies that I admire very much. They are usually creating the beauty, Sarah with her designs and style and Mary with her photography and words. But I like how here they are just being silly and carefree and having fun and living life like it should be lived. Flashing the world and not giving a damn who sees. <3

Fawn & Insects

Ok, so I don't usually talk about music. I'd much rather listen to it, or sing to it, or preferably hip hop tap dance to it. The conversation usually involves pretension, and honetly, I just don't give a shit what your high and mightyness thinks, and you should feel the same way about my mighty highness or whatever. But for the sake of offering something possibly new that you could possibly enjoy (rather than throwing about words such as "sellout" or "slut", which so many people like to hear themselves say) I will finally get to my point of this post.

Which is, Deer Tick.

Now I have talked about them before, as they are the band that my boyfriend tour manages and his brother plays guitar in. They are also insanely talented. Which is precisely why they were on David Letterman last night...!!!!

"Just got back from watching Deer Tick perform live on Late Night with David Letterman and eating way too many complimentary cookies and cantaloupes. The guys were amazing, but Letterman might have been wasted and the graphics department totally referred to them as "DEEP TICK" on the screen during opening credits. Hopefully they'll keep the typo tonight, and Deer Tick can look into a porno career."

Alas, they did not keep the typo, but it was still pretty hilarious (and mind boggling) nonetheless. Personally, I thought I was hallucinating. Thankfully, there was a room full of people to confirm I was not. If you did not catch the show, or do not even know what in the hell I'm talking about, and are still trying not to gag from the phrase "Deer Tick", please feel free to watch Exhibit A. I could try and describe their alt. country/folkish/rock and roll/raspy rough raw/but danceable/and sing-a-long-able/sometimes chuck berry-esque/best music ever...but you should probably just watch the video. And then check out the rest of their songs. Or not. But then you should probably find a rainbow to floss your ears with, because that's basically what happens when Deer Tick becomes in audible range.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Eye Vomit

It has things like this, and other random eye vomit.
Just a place where I can post photographs of the good, the badass, and the ugly.
Of the vintage, unique, and terribly cliche.
With no real theme or story or thought process whatsoever.
If I like the picture. If it's inspiring, innovative, hilarious, or just damn cute.
If it's an airborne unicorn.

The collar! The belt! The color palette! The haircut!

Now if only I could substitute that cross for a dismembered 
hand or something. Then this picture would be perfect.

My kinda breakfast.

My kinda summer.

I apologize in advance if most of my posts in the beginning aren't sourced.
For the most part at first, I am just going to be taking photo dumps
of the random shit I have already collected on my computer.
Which means I saved them when I was really lazy and
not expecting to share my treasures with the rest of the world.
But I promise I will do better from now on when archiving my little gems.
So for now, just bare with me, and if you recognize something,
please feel free to let me know!

Pattern Paradise

This spread from Elle makes me want to drape as many patterns as possible all over my body and run through a field of daisies in brightly colored platform sandals that I haphazardly kick off as I jump into the arms of my lover who is perched atop a tree branch with his feet swinging in the cool water of a babbling brook. It also makes me want to buy a bucket hat.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Can you spot the winking, lip licking smiley face?

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago, but just had a chance to post it. The shirt is from one of my favorite Brooklyn restaurants PIES 'n' THIGHS, which is famous for their pies, fried chicken, BBQ, homemade lemonade, and many other Southern specialties. It brings me back to my (unhealthy) roots, haha. My favorite dishes there are the pulled pork sandwich, cheese grits with salsa, and of course their infamous honey butter chicken biscuit with hot sauce! My pies of choice are the banana creme and and peanut butter chocolate, but mix them together and you've got a taste orgasm. I told the waitress about my pie experiment, and she said she'd put in a good word with the chef. :)

(Psst! Even if you aren't fortunate to live near Brooklyn, NY, you can still order your own clever T-shirt or delectable pie here and have it shipped to wherever you may be in the good ol' USofA!)

Bowler Hat, Out of the Attic Vintage, Florida; Little Boy's Blazer, Goodwill, FL; PIES 'n' THIGHS T-shirt, $15, PIES 'n' THIGHS Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY; Cheetah Print Leggings, RAVE (haha) forever ago; Trouser Socks, CVS Pharmacy; Waterproof Oxfords, Alexandre Herchcovitch for Melissa,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pretty Little Things

My last post on frothy concoctions reminded me how much I wanted to feature this lady and her beautiful creations. Not only is she my good friend, cute as a button, and holding the same affections for cats, vintage, and having a big booty as myself, but she also happens to be an insanely talented designer and seamstress. I had always admired her own personal style, ever since I first saw her around at shows at our college's venue. But then I got a look at her talent! How she collected it all in 21 short years is beyond me, but thank goodness she did, for now I have all this eye candy and future wardrobe options at my disposal. Here is her junior year collection. I love how she styled everything with the braids and boots. The fabrics, silhouettes, details, and color palette are an absolutely perfect mix between feminine and edgy with vintage ideals. Needless to say, I am in love, and would wear every single one of them in a crocheted doily heart beat. <3

She also styled and photographed this beautiful little series of her collection...

Check out her adorable online vintage store Charming Kite, where she's practically giving away pieces of her amazing wardrobe! I have my eyes on these little numbers, but you should probably snatch them up first before I can add to my already debilitating hoarders disease. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Frothy Top(shop)pings

I can't for the life of me remember where this photo came from, but it is my new obsession. I just can't stop looking at it. It epitomizes everything I love about femininity. The lace, gathers, sheerness, curved lines, structured bustier, and pastel coloring. The basic whimsical floaty quality it gives off is just breathtaking. And I love how it is still a little beat up and torn in places and was paired with an army green jacket. It still has that tough edge that all women ought to have. It shouldn't all be about daintiness and daisies . So here are some of my top picks from Topshop, inspired by this photograph and all things pretty...that I of course would pair with ripped tights and combat boots and maybe a black eye and a hand grenade or two.


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