Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Curiosity, Cats, Clothes, & Crafts. (And apparently some alliteration.)

I smell some DIY projects in the near future!
Curiosity killed the cat (and put his head on a hanger).
By the time I'm done decorating my new apartment, there will be so many cat heads and other kitten paraphernalia around my room, my boyfriend will start sneezing just at the mere sight of it.

1) Kitty Head Hangers: that make it look like there are felines sporting babydoll dresses and vintage sweaters hangin' out around my room. Check!
2) Now the only question is, how many extra dressers can I fit in my apartment thats sole purpose is to hold pussy-cats?

Stay tuned for the results! :)

Photo via one of my new favorite Lookbookers & Tumblr blogs via The Selby.

Another new brilliant DIY concept?
Another future brilliant go-to outfit?
For my new future lifetime goal of cat walker extraordinaire?
I think, yes!
(If you squint, it pretty much already looks like me. Hell yeah, half way there suckas! Now all I need to do is round me up a couple a cats!)

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