Friday, May 14, 2010

And to make up for lost time...

What's up with that dude with
the tiny leather shorts on his head?
I see him around all the time in my neighborhood. I just assumed he had found or made this ridiculous looking headpiece for his 'fro to stick out of. But no, they are actually child size pleather shorts he is parading around in public with, and somebody has already written an article about it, entitled "Worst Hair in Williamsburg".

And then there's this: The Boyfriend Pillow.
Too bad this doesn't come with a penis.

And as of December of last year, there is now the new "Girlfriend Pillow", which literally consists of a plush female lap. You are welcome in advance for the great gift ideas.

Oh, and can someone also please tell me what's up with Opening Ceremony's online store using cats as models? I mean I'm totally into it, I just wanted to know who's hand/paw I needed to shake!

Uni-corn Holders
I mean, the product name says it all. Corn on the cobb? Colorful decapitated unicorn heads? One big beautiful pun? Could there be anything better? YUM!

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