Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sugar & Spice

"Celeste Cerro decided to spend her entire day downloading new music & uploading it to her iPod for the first time since she got it five years ago. You can find her dancing down the street on her way to a museum exhibit containing "hidden, untouched and curious collections from around the world in photographs and artifacts".

Well, at least that's where I thought I was going, as I stepped outside in this ensemble last Saturday night. My dear friend and I were excited about seeing baby skulls and cobwebs and giant taxidermy creatures, but instead we were greeted by displayed photographs of skulls, and spiders, and disemboweled things. The only actual artifacts were a few teeth and some snakes in bottles. I mean, from someone who writes a blog entitled "Morbid Anatomy," you'd think she could have made it a little more creepy. So I took some complimentary wasabi peas and hit the road, which took me to pretty much the best place ever, totally making up for that less-than-morbid buzzkill. We walk up to this bar, and I am immediately confused and intrigued. As I peak inside, I exclaim to the doorman, "What is this? What are all those books doing in there? Look at those antique sofas! Is that a fireplace? Where are we??" To which the man replies as he stamps my hand, "Welcome to Hogwarts!" I. Could. Have. Died. Anywho, it's actually called Union Hall, but if you reference anything with Harry Potter, I'm pretty much sold. But yes, the entire bar looked like a quaint/just spooky enough old library, complete with antique sofas, cozy fireplace, vintage portraits, dusty books lining the walls, and random oddities like brass bugles and women's busts placed in between them. Oh, and then there were the two indoor bocce (ball) courts?? Did I mention this was a bar? I must go back to that little slice of heaven soon when it's not so crowded. I ended up at a few more bars, dancing the night away, until I ended up at a friend's house with twenty donuts (give or take) in my belly. Listen, all that excitement and dancing takes a lot out of a girl!

But yes, this is what I was wearing through all of that.

My friend basically described my outfit as two polar opposites
Religious up top, satan on the bottom. Which roughly translates to a less extreme version of: Nice up top, naughty on the bottom.
Actually, when I stood up at one point, some girl at the same table as me goes, "Whoa, those pants! I never would have guessed! What a surprise. I love surprises."
Vintage bow hat; Double-breasted wool coat, UO; Silk salmon blouse, $2, Salvation Army; Vintage woven bag; High-waisted disco pants, American Apparel; Vintage cut-out oxfords, thrifted; Boy & girl kissing silhouette necklace, charm I've had forever.

I also want to show off my new vintage midnight blue velvet Armani high-waisted wide leg trousers I got at the Salvation Army for $3.50!
I got SUPER lucky that day at the Salvation Army. AND to top it off and to my surprise, it was "Family Day" which apparently meant 50% off on half my stuff! I also found that little salmon silk button down the same day. As well as a perfectly shoulder-padded velvet bolero, and tons of lace. Apparently the Salvation Army is gettin' classy! Or the people who shop there are gettin' trashy? And passin' up the goods? Either way, I'm into it!

Here are some close-ups of the necklace.

And my favorite shoes! That are falling apart! Someone buy me these!

The pictures really don't do the pants justice, so I tried to edit it for a more correct color. Which obviously did not work very well, haha.

Till next time! :)


Melanie M said...


Melanie M said...

P.s. Celeste Cerro, your wit & humor make my day & your blog will forever & always be one of my favourites.


Sarah said...

oh that's a really lovely outfit!!


Erin said...

Hey Celeste! OMG I think I passed by you yesterday on 9th ave around 7ish pm but I was speeding in a car so I couldn't stop to say hello :( but you looked supercute! I love your white/cream jacket looks great on you (I think it's the one in these pics?).

Erin aka Spikes

Erin said...

Hey lady! Yes, it is a small world perhaps we'll run into each other one day because I don't work too far from there either. Actually we didn't go to the VV show. It was bad timing as well but I'm sure she'll be back around town. We're trying to get an interview with her. Hopefully it'll work out because that'll be so awesome. Oh and about the ice cream nails thanks it took me forever to do the other hand haha! If you ever want ice cream sundae nails too I'll be happy to paint them for ya. I really need to get a beauty license. Anyways nice to hear from ya keep in touch =)

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