Thursday, April 1, 2010

she and him and my nipples

Last night the boy and I went to a semi-formal corporate private party, with a brief and bouncy performance by She & Him. The boy went for the free booze; I went for the rare chance to venture out in public in NYC in a floor length layered tulle skirt, and we both went for the millions of fancy-shmancy, mouth watering hour devours the size of silver dollars. At the beginning we were both chasing down the models disguised as waiters in hopes of some new tiny spinach souffle square or mini tuna wasabi tower, but by the middle of the night, my belt was pretty ready to divorce my high-waisted skirt, and I was waving them and their loaded trays away. I did however, manage to save room for a last minute minuscule bacon cheeseburger the size of a checker piece, and a shot of vanilla milkshake through a chocolate straw. Hello, amazing! And apparently I'm not the only one who enjoys a good floor length drapey bottom half. I got several compliments, and two online magazine editors asked to photograph me in my ensemble. Actually, who knows if it was the skirt or the fact that my nipples were probably showing through my lace bra and micro-mesh top. Either way, they were into it, and I was into the free food and swaying around to the sweet tunes of DJ Cutefest. (*Not really her name, but boy was she adorable and playing everything from "Mr. Postman" to Nancy Sinatra. If someone knows who she is and where I can dance to more of her, please feel free to let me know!)

Here is my pathetic "don't laugh/don't pout" smirk, along with what I wore, photographed by the good people at Fashionista. I walked in, surrounded by a sea of suits and ten foot tall models in 4 foot heels, with my 3 feet legs dragging my tulle skirt, and all the cat hair weaved through it, behind me. I was also offered all the ginger ale I desired, but alas, I had to stick to 2.5 drinks considering the fact that I would end up giving my skirt a swirly in the bathroom, and most likely walk out with an entire roll of toilet paper and who knows what else trailing behind me.

They literally said, "Get a shot of her bra." An hour before this I was discussing with my roommates about how my nipples were going to show, especially if I had my picture taken. Then my boyfriend was like, "Eh, we're already late and who's going to take our picture anyway?" HA.

American Apparel lace bra & micro-mesh button down; vintage skirt, belt, & bag; thrifted blazer.
Adolescent boy's haircut by me. Bowl not required.


Natalie said...

haha i love what ur wearing! and she and him have such a great sound! i'm a fan :)

Kate said...

love the outfit!


goodbyestockholm said...

this is such a beautiful outfit!

Ted Juhl said...

You have chosen a nice floral bra, Celeste. It does not only serve as an inner wear but also as a fashionable attire. You have proven that a simple bra is not only a girl’s inner clothing but can also be elegantly used in a semi-formal private party if you can match it with a decent blouse like this.

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