Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Hunnies

The Easter potluck started off nice enough. I made strawberry shortcake. We hung out on the porch in the beautiful weather. Colored some eggs. Then six hours of beer, mimosas, and wine later all hell breaks loose, the dudes end up topless, Easter eggs are thrown, and the gyrating booty dancing ensues. I love my friends. ♥

I even got to wear my Lucca floral maxi sun dress it was so nice out! As you've probably picked up on, I'm just a teensy bit into wearing floor-length frocks nowadays. Getting girly without having to shave your legs? What's not to like? Here is a better picture of the dress. I love the back! And now I have a sweet tan line to go with it!

Now I want to know how the temperature can drop thirty degrees in two days?! What does Mother Nature have against the 70s? 88 is way too close to 90, and 58 is way too close to COLD. Don't we deserve at least a month of 67-77?

Listen, I recycle and take public transit. I even give people nasty looks when they litter. I bought a box of organic oatmeal once. It was gross, but I ATE THE WHOLE BOX. Doesn't that count for something? Is this about those 45 minute hot showers? Or the four rolls of toilet paper we go through in three days? Listen, if you had just given us the ability to fly, we wouldn't have all this pollution now would we? Just because you're going through some bipolar bouts of PMS does not mean your children should have to feel the wrath. Please, just one month where my armpits don't have to worry about being drowned in their own sweat or keeping my hands from turning into clawcicles. I swear I'll install that solar-powered hair dryer this time. I SWEAR!!!!

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Spikes said...

You're hilarious! Your dress is very pretty. I love reading your blog. It's so personal and fun. It's like you post exactly what I'm thinking. Ah-mazing. Hopefully you won't think I'm a creep =)

Pls when you get the chance check out my blog I have along with my bff. You might like it...It's called www.spikesandsequins.com

Erin aka Spikes

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