Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hump Day

"On my way to work a bug used my mouth as a windshield, and then I bungee jumped my earphones into my water cup. Which now means my left ear is water-clogged, without the benefits of an epic beach day or hour long hot shower. So I am treating myself to an extended lunch break and wandering around the city in purple shorts. Who knows, maybe I'll find a sweet muzzle or motorcycle helmet to keep out future pesky, kamikaze insects."

That being said, on aforementioned purple-shorted wandering, although I did not find any facial protection apparatuses, I did happen to discover a badass elderly man reading a book outside on the High Line. Bald as the day he was born and wearing nothing but cutoff jorts and a silver chain. That's right, no shoes, no shirt, but plenty o' skin!

After that I wandered some more. In fact, I wandered right into a "Family Day" sale at the Salvation Army, which means most of my purchases were 50% off! AKA I spent less than $50 on 13 amazing items!! I'm talking tons of lace, sparkly, sheer, silk, floral, velvet, knit, shoulder pads in a GOOD way! The whole shebang! I'll try and post pictures of them soon!

Now I'm just sitting here at work trying to figure this one out:


I am, however, pretty damn sure I NEED this:

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