Wednesday, July 29, 2009

making the tight decision

Dress these Tabio little heart tights up or down.
Good with jean shorts & brown boots.
Still just as adorable with a frilly party frock.
Cute, but still sexy.
Flattering and fun.

These Bebaroque Fringe Thigh
Highs from Urban Outfitters
are a concept that I might have
been into via a verbal description.
"Ok, yes, thigh highs, good, I love
thigh highs...and fringe, oh yes,
can't get enough fringe..."
But now that they are in a tangible
form, I'm conjuring up images of
porcupine rattails and hair
transplant nightmares...I mean,
who's idea was it to make the tights
nude colored? I don't think I'm quite
confident enough yet to romp around
with hedgehog mullets sprouting from
my appendages, but by all means,
if anyone wants to prove me wrong
and work these bad babies, I'd love to see it!
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