Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pleather & Lace

I wore this last night thinking I was headed to a 90s Grunge Prom Party, but my girlfriend wasn't feeling up to it, and the boys apparently aren't as into dancing to Spice Girls and Nirvana in flannel and lace as I am. So I stayed home with the dudes and watched nightmare inducing movies involving serial killers and incest. Clearly I need some more girl friends. Also, the skull charm's jaw is articulated, and can chomp down on unsuspecting pinkies and flies and miniature pastries and things. Then to keep up with the theme, my boots' heel also became articulated at some point during the night, and was snacking on large amounts of snow and mud and causing a racket every time I took a step. 

skull necklace w/ articulated jaw: DIY w/ charm I found
boots: TODS thrifted at Goodwill for $15
green army jacket: Urban Outfitters
tights & socks: American Apparel
kitten backpack: gift from the boy
blue flannel: thrifted forever ago
pleather jacket: free from UO
pleather shorts: Forever 21
lace corset: thrifted

10 comments: said...

corset is soooo cute! I like that :)

Bluefemme said...

Love the corset and the boots!

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Anonymous said...

SUPER cute outfit. Really, you look GREAT.

shoe shop said...

I like your outfits and footwear but I didn't like your hair style its boys look

Evaaaaaaaa said...

i love your backpack !! and the whole outfit is really nice!!!

check out my blog:

Iulia Romana said...

I love this layering ! Great idea because you can wear the same clothes during the day and at night at a party - so practical !

Huuuugs :)

Amanda said...

I like how you show your full outfit! great post!

Amanda said...

I like how you show your full outfit! great post!

Anonymous said...

omg omg omg I NEED to know where is this backpack from??

Thank you!

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