Friday, March 5, 2010

Hair Raising

What they really do with Locks of Love...

Actually...if I was terminally ill I think I would rather have this than a creepy old wig. Wigs are hot and itchy and unnatural looking. Whereas being bald and sporting a braided hairpiece necklace is badass.

This furry necklace by Grau Wal is actually made of synthetic hair, but it's more fun pretending it's from the human head. If I didn't have an adolescent boy's haircut I would totally make my own custom rattail neckpiece!

But either way, the Grau Wal "pieces containing hair can be ordered in black, dark brown, blonde, white, dark grey, and red." You can even get a matching bracelet too!

1 comment:

Raji said...

This is quite awesome in a weird way.
But I imagine it would be kind of itchy after a while

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