Friday, March 5, 2010

Make a Splash in Style

For the past few months I have been trudging around in the freezing snow, slush, and small lakes that form in the dip between the sidewalk and street corners. These huge, deceiving slushie ponds are born to swallow, freeze, and soak my feet to the bone. By the end of the day I end up hiding under my comforter and sucking down smoothies, pretending I'm taking revenge against the icy wet monsters outside, by devouring their young one sip at a time.

Before now I have refused to give in to the proper waterproof footwear. I slip and slide and squish around day after day because I am determined not to succumb to the dreaded practical rain boot. As one might have noticed from this blog, I am mildly obsessed with shoes, and I feel a big, clunky rubber boot is just about the worst kind of insult to such a potentially beautiful craftsmanship. (Along with the infamous UGH boot and any other cankle forming atrocities. But we'll save that for another rant.) Alas, I am tired of trying to tiptoe around icy lagoons and ruining all my pretty little leather booties, plus Spring is right around the corner which I want to kick right in the ass with one swift rain resistant boot. So I went on the hunt, and came up with some surprisingly beautiful, stylish specimens.

Put a little spring in your step with these adorable
däv Floral Waterproof Riding Boots

Also comes in a sensible heel version...

Or you could just go straight for the entire pump,
with this chic two-toned waterproof pair.
Or you could just go all out and buy a COWBOY RAIN BOOT.
Never did I ever think I'd be singin' country tunes in the rain in such arid style.

These sleek Python Hunter Rain Boots
will eat those pesky snow flakes for

These Tretorn Ballena Lace-up Rubber Boots
look just like your badass leather Docs, but can still kick ass at staying dry.

With these Dirty Laundry Double Dutch rubber sneaker boots,
you can still have the comfy feel and classic look of your old Chuck Taylors without having to wring out the canvas when you get home.

But if you still can't part with your alligator oxfords or your sky-highs (for those of you more masochistic ladies), then here's another option: Swims shoe cover galoshes. They fit right over your favorite shoes, with a sleek style and comfort fit. The bottom has a no slip grip and they come in a variety of colors and shapes. The only slipping you'll be doing in these babies is slipping them on and off as you transform from stylish office babe to resilient weather woman in one quick swoop!

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