Thursday, February 11, 2010

Faux Toes

How did I not know about these babies before? These Comme des Garcons gold, toe printed oxfords mesh my foot/shoe fetishes in perfect harmony.

They also come in black and white...

Or moccasin style...

I love anything that is so ugly it's cute.
Like bulldogs. And little old ladies. And beautifully crafted shoes with toes doodled on them.

And then there are these...

The first time I saw these in public I thought the person who was attached to them standing in our local coffee shop was out and about in the freezing weather with no shoes on. Because before such encounter, I was only aware that toe socks existed, certainly not toe shoes. I was pretty convinced this grown man was standing in front of me with only a thin layer of cotton covering each of his appendages. So of course I inquired about his public toe sock logic. He then informed me that they were in fact actual practical shoes on his feet. I then proceeded to laugh uncontrollably for ten minutes and carry on about how great they would be for climbing trees. Although, other than channeling our inner limb swinging primates, I really don't understand these five phalanged friends.

Except that they are fucking hilarious to run into.

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Emily said...

hey! i didnt know you had a blog!!

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