Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dali Body Part Bling

Leaf veined hands you can wear on your ears or pinned to your chest? A diamond encrusted crying eyeball watch? Bling bling appendages for flower petals? Um, YES PLEASE. Dali knew what was up! I actually discovered these little gems pretty randomly. I was just walking down Bedford (a popular street in Williamsburg) sifting through all the books they sell on the side of the road, when I came upon a book devoted entirely to Dali's jewelry designs. How I was not graced with their presence before baffles me. You can view them all, and actually purchase replicas, at www.salvadordalimuseum.org. In addition to the Leaf Vein Hands being my favorite, I am pretty partial to the Living Flower Pin.

Eye of Time Pin

In addition to the body part bling, I am also quite fond of this Space Elephant brooch.
I also kind of want this as a pet. How do you think I would go about breeding something like that?

The website also had "Dali Inspired" pieces.
Which involved melting clock wristwatches, that I'm pretty into.

As well as these, which I am really confused about. Can someone please refresh my memory as to the correlation between Salvador Dali and dangly, silver-plated clumps of dead baby fairy skulls? Anyone?


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