Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sole Mates

Note: I submitted this to for their "Make It With Jeffrey Campbell" contest. The grand prize is a chance to design your dream shoe with Jeffrey Campbell himself. Here is my entry. You can find it at, if you are on LB and want to help my broke/shoe obsessed ass by hyping it.

I will describe the perfect pair of shoes with the five C’s:

Classic: They never go out of style. There is a vintage, timeless appeal.

Creative: But with a unique, innovative twist that makes them stand out from the rest and adds a ‘pop’ to any outfit.

Contrast: Mixed materials and two-toned shoes have such a better kick to them. Pun intended.

Cut-outs: Not only do they let your feet breathe, but they add a sort of artistic craftsmanship that just isn’t seen often enough. I mean oxford style, skeleton effect, shapes, slits, woven, what have you. You cut it out, and I’ll eat it up.

Comfort: Last, but certainly not least, I cannot and will not wear a shoe that is uncomfortable. I know there are tons of “fashionistas” out there that worship their stilettos and may actually stab me in the heart with one just to get their perfectly manicured hands on a pair of diamond encrusted Manolos, but to me, comfort is key. When I am comfortable, I am confident, and confidence is what convinces the world you are actually hot and desirable despite your scoliosis and backne. Besides, shoes are technically meant to protect your feet, not make them bleed and blister and swell to the size of basketballs. Basically what it comes down to is if I can’t dance in ‘em, I don’t want ‘em, because honestly, what’s the point of life if you can’t bust a move at the drop of a diamond encrusted hat?

Now why do I deserve to design a shoe with Jeffrey Campbell? Well, I’ve walked in the best (and worst) of them. I’ve danced, walked, and stalked in every kind of shoe imaginable, from feather-trimmed cowboy boots to teal faux croc wedges to silver moonboot galoshes. (Yes, I’ve also learned from my mistakes). I’ve scoured thrift stores, upon vintage stores, upon Shoe Manias, upon the internet abyss, upon European flea markets, upon stores that probably paid ten times as much for their doormat than I could ever hope to get for my entire soul, looking for that one perfect pair. Of course, just like finding the right (wo)man, you never can seem to find the exact match you are looking for. You just pick and choose adjectives from the lot and end up with this huge list of “What Makes the Perfect One” without actually ever getting there. Well, as much as I would love to be able to create my very own perfect man, I don’t think we actually have that technology yet, (keep your fingers crossed!) but it is possible to design my perfect shoe. And who better to do it with than the king of classy innovation himself, Jeffrey Campbell? Please Mr. Campbell, help me make my Sole Mate!

All the best,

Celeste Cerro

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